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Oerlikon Balzers Innova

Industrial physical vapor deposition (PVD) arc evaporation facility. P3e TM technology, IET etching.

UHV Sputtering Equipment with one 3-inch and two 2-inch confocal Magnetron Cathodes and a rotatable 6-inch substrate holder, heat-able to 800C.
Leybold Heraeus Z400

Sputtering System with three 3-inch Magnetron Cathodes and a 3-inch substrate holder, heat-able to 500C.

Nanoindentation is a nondestructive test that can be used to calculate the elastic modulus and hardness of small volumes of material such as thin films and also bulk specimens.
Centorr LF22-2000

High temperature vacuum and inert gas furnace for annealing treatments.
Nanovea Tribometer TRIBOB2

The Tribometer provide precise and accurate wear and friction testing in Pin-on-Disk rotative mode.
Nanovea PS50 Optical Profilometer

2011 - 2019 - Christian Doppler Laboratory for Application Oriented Coating Development