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18th Plansee Seminar - 2013
Corinna Sabitzer (C. Sabitzer)
"Reactive and non-reactive sputter deposition of metallic, intermetallic and ceramic target materials to prepare Al-Cr-N coatings"
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AlxCr1-xN coatings are highly valued for various industrial applications based on their outstanding mechanical properties and oxidation resistance. Even though deposition parameters like partial pressure, gas mixture or temperature are well investigated and optimized; only little information is available on the influence of the target material itself. Therefore, AlxCr1-xN coatings were deposited by reactive and non-reactive unbalanced magnetron sputtering using three different powder-metallurgically prepared targets: a metallic Al/Cr target, an intermetallic AlCrx target and a ceramic AlN/CrN target. XRD analyses indicate for all targets tested a single cubic microstructure. The coatings deposited from the metallic and intermetallic target demonstrate a columnar structure with a pronounced (111) orientation whereas the coating deposited from the ceramic target is fine crystalline with (200) orientation. Furthermore, the hardness is highest for those coatings prepared from the ceramic target material.

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