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18th Plansee Seminar - 2013
Christian Koller (C.M. Koller)
"Thermal Stability and Oxidation Resistance of TiAlN/TaAlN Multilayer Coatings"
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Mechanical properties, thermal stability and oxidation resistance of Ti1-xAlxN coatings are well investigated and recent studies indicated that these properties can considerably be improved by alloying elements such as Cr, Ta or Y to form quaternary nitrides. However within this study we want to focus on an architectural approach by depositing multilayer arrangements of TiAlN and TaAlN. Further on, combined processing of reactive arc-evaporated Ti1-xAlx targets with either arced (arc) or sputtered (rsd) Ta1-yAly targets are carried out opening the possibility to deposit coatings with variable chemical and structural modulations. Our investigations show that the TiAlNarc/TaAlNarc multilayers exhibit enhanced thermal phase stability with peak hardness values of ~35 GPa up to Ta=1200 C, whereas the TiAlNarc/TaAlNrsd multilayers exhibit hardness values of ~35 GPa up to Ta=800 C which decrease to ~32 GPa when Ta=1100 C. However, oxidation investigations clearly demonstrate the advantage of this hybrid arc/rsd process as the TiAlNarc/TaAlNrsd nitride coatings still remain intact after oxidising in air at 850 C for 20 h, whereas the TiAlNarc/TaAlNarc multilayer coatings are completely oxidised.

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