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ICMCTF - 2014
Matthias Bartosik (M. Bartosik)
"Synchrotron Nanodiffraction and X-TEM on Al-Ti-N based Hard Coatings with different Morphologies"
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Cross-sectional synchrotron nanodiffraction allows the volume-averaged characterization of property-depth gradients in hard coatings with submicron resolution [1]. The approach is based on wide angle X-ray diffraction and is performed in transmission geometry along the cross-section of thinned film/substrate lamellas. The small beam size of about 100 nm in diameter and the high brilliance of modern synchrotron sources make it a powerful tool for the advanced thin film characterization. Al-Ti-N is used as a model system to explore the potential of cross-sectional synchrotron nanodiffraction of hard coatings with different architectures and morphologies. The investigated samples comprise a bilayer with different grain sizes, nanograined Al-Ti-N and a combination of monolithic and multilayer film design. Comparative studies for detailed discussions have been conducted by transmission electron microscopy and selected area diffraction.

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