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ICMCTF - 2013
Matthias Bartosik (M. Bartosik)
"Cross-Sectional X-ray Nanodiffraction on a Graded Multiphase Cr-N Thin Film"
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Wide angle X-ray nanodiffraction performed along the cross-section of nano-crystalline thin films allows for in-depth characterization of microstructure and residual strain with submicron resolution along the film-growth direction [1]. The position-resolved analysis is performed using synchrotron X-ray nanobeams with diameters focused down to 100 nm.

Here, we demonstrate that the nanodiffraction approach opens the possibility to analyze not only single-phase but also complex multiphase coatings with gradients in phases, microstructure and strain at the sub-micron scale along the growth direction when using cross-sectional investigations. The new position resolved technique [1] allows for a simultaneous evaluation of depth gradients of X-ray elastic strain, lattice parameters, microstructure and phases as performed and demonstrated on 6 m thick Cr-N films consisting of hexagonal Cr2N and nonstoichiometric cubic CrNx. The studies are furthermore corroborated by ab inito investigations. Cross-section transmission and scanning electron microscopy were additionally applied for comparison and complementation of the results obtained from the nanodiffraction experiments. The results reveal how growth conditions and chemical composition correlate with structural gradients. The new approach represents a significant step forward in depth-resolved microstructural characterization of thin films.

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